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. but our decision desk tells us vermont and virginia are too close to call. and, get this, mitt romney is in a tight race with ron paul in each of those states. of course, rick santorum and newt gingrich didn't even qualify for the virginia primary so it was just romney and paul on the ballot. our exit polls show mitt romney is generally winning among voters who say their top concern is the economy but not everywhere. and rick santorum is leading among voters who say they want a candidate with a strong moral character. but that's also not across the board. much more on the exit polls in just a moment. again, fox news now projects newt gingrich has won his former home state of georgia. 419 delegates up for grabs across 10 super tuesday states tonight. that's more than the total that need to win the nomination. less than a half hour away from the polls closing in the biggest race of the night in the state of ohio. so stay tuned. first, to campaign carl cammeron live at romney headquarters in boston. carl, what are we learning from the early returns? >> well, we see from georgia that newt
. and tonight they are showing. this mitt romney is winning among voters who say electability and the economy are their top priorities. and more than half of illinois voters tell us the economy is their number one issue. our exit polls show rick santorum is the top choice of, quote, very conservative voters. but when it comes to strong supporters of the tea party, mitt romney has a slight lead. we'll go into the numbers in more detail in just a moment. illinois is the biggest primary prize since florida. 54 delegates up for grabs tonight. but rick santorum is eligible to win but 44 of them. paper work problemsy the again. we are also hearing about trouble with some those ballots. steve brown has the latest on that and more from our exit polls coming up in just a moment. first to carl cammeron. campaign carl in illinois. it really sort of sounds like the expectations game wrapped up in what the two candidates are saying today and they tell a lot of the story. >> when candidates begin to make predictions and talk about the outcome, it's usually a pretty good sign of what they expect. in this ca
. no matter, what this will not be gingrich's last stand. >> long stretch ahead of us. mitt romney is looking for a knockout punch. >> if the polls are right, we will pick up some delegates. >> tonight, results on the way in contests that could change the republic race anger in afghanistan. protests grow in the wake of a u.s. soldier's alleged attack that killed 16 civilians. >> i have directed the pentagon to make sure that we spare no effort in conducting a full investigation. plus gunfire erupts at a memorial for the victims and more people are now dead. the homeless as walking high i hot spots. supporters say it helps them earn a living. critics argue it's just plain demeaning. we will hear from homeless folks themselves to find out what they think. and the jet pack pilot who took on a race car. election alert. first from fox this tuesday night. the first polls close just 90 section ago in the g.o.p. southern showdown. less than an hour now until all the voting is complete in mississippi and alabama and right now here's what we know. it is an interesting night for mitt romney in the state
captioning services >> shepard: this is the fox report. mitt romney won the popular vote why is rick santorum declaring victory in michigan in plus, skepticism over north korea's nuclear announcement. >> today's announcement represents a modest first step in the right direction. >> shepard: north korean officials reportedly agreeing to suspend nuclear activities. but they have made promises before. so is this a real deal or just another trick? it's the most valuable company on the planet. worth more than all the gold in fort knox. tonight a look at the world's priciest apple. plus, how would you celebrate if your birthday came along once every four years? >> it's a unique club as we say. >> shepard: tonight, finally party time for the leap day babies. first from fox this wednesday night, a split decision in the state of michigan. late today the associated press reports rick santorum and mitt romney each get 15 of the state's 30 delegates. here is why. even though mitt romney won the overrule vote michigan awards proportionally based on how they did in each district and overall. not just the p
. poll shows romney pulling ahead. he leads santorum by 3 points in the late us quinnipiac survey. that's a statistical tie and 10 point come back for romney in the last week. even closer in the real clear politics average in the latest polls. rick santorum and mitt romney less than a point apart. the frontrunners are slugging it out in ohio in the last full day of campaigning. newt gingrich in tennessee where he is in a close race with rick santorum and romney. ron paul is in idaho. is he mostly focusing on the caucus states. campaign carl cameron live tonight zanesville, ohio. carl, what are the candidates saying in their final hours out there? >> they are in their closing arguments, you know, there is a very busy night ahead. robo calls, canvassing and plenty of campaigning from the candidates. ohio is probably going to be the most watched and consequential contest of super tuesday. not because it's not got the biggest delegates as you said that's georgia. because ohio has such incredibly important history in electoral politics in the u.s. and it's going down to the wire. just as it
would he like to join team romney, vice president santorum? the answer might surprise you. and it's one month to the day since a neighborhood watch volunteer shot an unarmed teenager dead in central florida. now the admitted shooters' defender say you have not heard the whole story. we will have the rest of the story as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on fox report. we have two car insurances that we're going to have you taste. the first one we're going to call x. go ahead and take a sip, and then let me know what the baby thinks of it. four million drivers switched to this car insurance last year. oh, she likes it babies' palates are very sensitive so she's probably tasting the low rates. this is car insurance y, they've been losing customers pretty quickly. oh my gosh, that's horrible!, which would you choose? geico. over their competitor. do you want to finish it? no. does the baby want to finish it? no. [ male announc ] you plant. you mow. you grow. you dream. meet the new definition of durability: the john deere select series. with endless possibilities,
romney's money comes from people who maxed out at $2,500. ours are from folks who give under a hundred dollars. >> i don't know if it's the president's promises over the past three years he hasn't kept up with them. >> tonight, a look at the campaign strategy and why ohio could be the pivot point that changes the race. a major vote inside iran and the supreme leader says the results could sing a strong message to the nation's enemies. plus, president obama on the nuclear showdown with the iranians and why he says i don't bluff. @@ forty years ago, he wasn't looking for financial advice. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement planning for our military, veterans and their families. now more than ever, it's important to get financial advice from people who share your military values. call now for our free guide and tips on planning for your retirement this tax season. chocolate lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie. or... we make it pink ! with these 4g lte tablets, you can do
-runner mitt romney picking up a pair of major endorsements. one from a rising star in the party and another from a former president. >> he is the man to do this job. >> shep: why his critics say these endorsements could hurt his chances. plus the concrete jungle is no place for an elephant. sorry, charlie. talking is not allowed. but first, this thursday night, we're hearing from the father of the man who shot and killed trayvon martin. we're getting a very close look at the shooter from the night it happened. trayvon martin is the unarmed teenager whose killing sparked waves of anger. the man who shot him is self-proclaimed neighborhood watch man. his father sels tells or land ee station, this was self-defense. trayvon martin punched him in the nose and hit his head on the concrete. >> he said you are going to die now or you are going to die tonight. he continued to beat george and at some point he pulled his pistol. he did what he did. >> shep: he shot and killed trayvon martin. the dad didn't show his face on camera because people have been threatening his family. this case has sparked p
dollars lawsuit against the university. >>> mitt romney wins one of the most influencial republicans on capitol hill. there l. it seal the nomination. in. >>> the supreme court likely voted today on the healthcare law. of course, they didn't call us up with the info. we will get the results in june. the experts tell us what is going on behind the scenes. >>> a hiker says a mountain lion attacked him in california and now the guy claims a bear beat up the mountain lion and saved him. not everybody is buying that. that is coming up in a nonbear alert as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on "fox report." while some fiber ads use super models, metamucil uses super hard working psyllium fiber, which gels to remove unsexy waste and reduce cholesterol. taking psyllium fiber won't make you a model but you should feel a little more super. metamucil. down with cholesterol. in neckarsulm, a great roar was heard and things changed. children adjusted dreams. victories became habitual. thumbs grew new calluses. hollywood hopped on the bandwagon. air traveled in style. and
the race is not over. >> romney has to earn this. it is not going to be given to him. >> shepard: what gingrich says has to happen before he would throw in the towel. >>> a basketball legend stepping to the plate to help buy one of the most storied franchises in professional baseball. but does magic johnson have the magic touch to save the dodgers from financial ruin? >>> plus, a pop idol's prank caused an unwanted cause of bieber fever. >> this is not justin bieber's phone number. >> now, one north texas grandma says she is ready to sue. >> shepard: last night we were talking about the craziness that went on in a jetblue flight. we did not know the half of it. federal prosecutors today filed criminal charges against the pilot of the flight 191 and they are revealing incredible details about what happened onboard including what that captain did while he was still in the cockpit before passengers say they had to restrain the captain clayton osbon yesterday after the first officer locked him out of the flight deck. according to the prosecutor's criminal complaint today, crew members said
tuesday is in wisconsin. 42 delegates, winner take all there. right now mitt romney is up by 11 points in the real clear politics average of the latest polls and mike emanuel is following it all live in washington tonight. mitt romney took a day off from campaigning today, it's my understanding. what's his function? >> shep, mitt romney has done some fundraising both yesterday and today. he will be a guest on "the tonight show" with jay leno. mitt romney sounded upbeat when talking to dennis miller on the radio today. >> the spirits are high, actually. you know, there have been high points and low points. it feels pretty good at this point. it seems to be coming together. >> that would be bad news for his republic rivals just adding to his campaign's financial strength will be tough on the other candidates. shep? >> shepard: santorum though is doing a full day of events in wisconsin. and he is talking a lot, well, being pushed to talk a lot about a possible vice presidency, too. >> well, that's right. he wants to talk a lot about his candidacy still and rick santorum is hoping wisconsi
for anybody and nobody has left the race. >> no. but mitt romney did put a little bit more distance between himself and his rivals and he won the majority of the states and the majority. delegates. so, he is still the frontrunner and the national poll, the national gallup track shows that he is up well into the double digits. has he got some momentum. newt gingrich has some serious pressure. rick santorum and the super pac that backs santorum are sort of leading it. they are suggesting that it's time for the former house speaker to get out of race because his presence in it in the santorum view and other republicans worried about splitting the conservative base of the party think that gingrich is making it harder for santorum to really stand up and challenge mitt romney. the thinking being the two of them divide tea party and self-described very conservative republicans and make it harder to topple mr. romney. lots of pressure on gingrich who just says mr. santorum maybe you should be the one to bail out even though santorum has seven wins to gingrich's two. and of course mitt romney has wo
of one of his republic rivals. our ed henry is there tonight. ed, the president within romney country today and under a lot of pressure over gas prices. >> that's right, shep. he was in new hampshire. battleground as well in the general election. his basic message is, look, there is no quick fix. it's political, in his eyes, for republicans to suggest they can lower the price of gasoline real easy by drilling for more oil, for example. but then the president came up with the prescription today that republics say is political. he basically said one way to deal with this is to go after those tax breaks that the oil companies get. take a listen. >> every time you go to the gas tank or fill up your gas tank, they are making money every time. now, does anyone really think that congress should give them another $4 billion this year? >> no. >> of course not. it's outrageous. >> now, the republic response was basically if you end up essentially raising taxes on production, that could drive the price further up and republic senator jim demint submitted a bill if you are going to wipe out the t
romney. here are the controversial comments. >> you win by giving people a choice. you win by giving people the opportunity to see a different vision for our country. not someone a little different than the person in there. [inaudible] different than what we have instead of taking a risk of what may be the etch a sketch candidate for the future. >> jon: today on "your world" with neil cavuto senator santorum said he meant when he said we might as well stay with president obama. >> he we the people might not me. i always said i would never vote for barack obama. are you kidding me? what do you think i'm doing this for because i like barack obama? >> jon: his comments playing into fears that this drawn-out primary race will hurt the eventual nominee come november. campaign carl cammeron live in new orleans. carl, so has this hurt rick santorum? >> well, sure, it's knocked him off message and gotten him heat even from the likes of newt gingrich. while santorum says of course he will support whoever the republic nominee is. he is under pressure to get out of the race by the candidate who
. in a new me gel land strategies poll they have him leading mitt romney by 13 points in louisiana. that's ahead rick san santorum still up. he ever. >> we got states like texas. you know, texas, california, pennsylvania, a lot of big states left. >> shepard: there are. he was in one of them today, texas. that primary is set for the end of may. campaign carl cammeron is in new orleans tonight. rick santorum claims he is in this thing for the long haul, carl. >> and that's part of the reason for being in texas to signal that even though he is favored here in louisiana and the vote comes up on saturday, he is -- he needs to stay in the race and needs to come back a long distance and it will take states that vote well down the campaign trail from now. that said, santorum is facing renewed pressure from mitt romney. the latest allegation if the form of a memo from the romney campaign's political director saying in essence it's almost impossible, very steep hill for rick santorum to come back now the memo states like both jeb bush and jim demint the south carolina senator and tea party leader
-back for the frontrunner mitt romney. tonight, more from the candidate. british invasion at the white house. >> i am a little embarrassed to think that 200 years ago my ancestors tried to burn this place down. [ laughter ] >> shepard: tonight, the prime minister and pres on the future of the two world powers. [cheers] for years, folks in dallas have greeted troops returning from war. >> it's good to come out here and see we are supported for what we are doing. >> for me, it's a way to say thank you to these troops. >> shepard: now, we will show you the scene as the last plane arrives here. plus, a drug to stop prejudice? tonight, scientists on the possible chill pill for racists. first, from fox this wednesday night, a fox news urgent and word of an attack in afghanistan and the united states secretary of defense leon panetta is now believed to have been a target. it happened just as secretary panetta's plane was arriving at a base and it apparently involved a man in a stolen vehicle racing toward his plane with gasoline and a lighter. it's just developing. jennifer griffin has it live at the pentag
foundational that's going on here. >> shepard: mitt romney and rick santorum are the only candidates campaigning in illinois today. 54 delegates up for grabs. once again, rick santorum did not get all the paperwork complete so he is not eligible to win all of them. mitt romney is leading rick santorum by 9 points a real clear politics average of the latest polls. with all of that steve brown is watching things in chicago this afternoon and, steve, seems rick santorum is dealing with another problem tonight. >> he is. he had to explain the difference of opinion he has with a host of his hoirsz is pastor dennis terry who leads the green well brings louisiana baptist church. that's where santorum was last night. the pastor was introducing santorum explaining why he thought much of the nation's whoas was because of the separation of church and state. listen to the pastor followed by santorum today. >> we don't worship buddha. i said we don't worship buddha. we don't worship mohammed. we don't worship allah. we worship god. we worship god's son jesus christ. >> worship whoever they want t
's why beyond mitt romney, newt gingrich, rick santorum, ron paul, they are talking more and more about gas prices. they think now that's the president's vulnerability. not necessarily jobs. they are not going to give up that argument, but they are focusing more and more on high gas prices and conservative economists basically say this right now is the president's biggest vulnerability. take a listen. >> that is like a tax on the american consumer. it's less money they can spend on going out for dinner or going to -- you know, going to the shopping center and buying clothes. >> and wall street analysts note that the jobs figures are a lagging indicator. so they do not take into effect -- into account the fact that some companies are pulling back on hiring because they see rising energy costs. that's why this still could be a very painful summer for the president but right now he has got to be feeling at least pretty good, shep. >> shepard: must be. ed henry tonight at the white house. thank you. we're just hours away now from the next republic showdown. kansas caucuses tomorrow. rick sa
. two more presidential contests this weekend that mitt romney and rick santorum are also looking ahead to a big showdown on president obama's home turf. and the president happened to be there today, too. we'll hear how he welcomed them to his neck of the woods. team fox coverage of the campaign trail just ahead as fox reports live tonight. [ male announcer ] the game of life with the prius c! ♪ oh, my maltipoo's depressed. but my affordable prius c means i can pay for his acupuncture. whew. i love my pooch. oh no! my homemade sushi... turned p-ushi! use estimated 53 mpg to find a gluten-free alternative. look, this means i'm a chef. [ male announcer ] be a winner with the all-new prius c from toyota. ♪ from toyota. or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business, it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $6.4 billion in needit to small businesses across the country last year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity poss
get them. plus, mitt romney won last night's big primary in illinois. then today he got a very big endorsement from a member of the bush political dynasty. rick santorum and newt gingrich, you sticking with this? that's coming up. i know, right ! i'll tell you what saves gas money. my kids hitchhiking to school. ( guys ) great call, oh yeah. no, no, no, no, no. don't lift with your knees, lift with your back. feel the difference ? yeah ! you know where surgery is dirt cheap ? so verizon 4g lte is like, 6 times bigger, but i'm going at&t ! there are good ideas, and bad. with over 6 times the 4g lte coverage, verizon is the good idea. pandora rocks the big board. >> shepard: breaking developments continue to come in from toulouse france tonight approaching 1:00 in the morning there where police tell us hundreds of cops have this suspect surrounded. now we have been getting all kinds of conflicting information all day long. first, they told us for days we have no indication hot suspect is. we have no clues. we have nothing. well, all along they have been following this guy. the reason
parties but a judge has yet to approve it it i'm shepard smith. mitt romney says is he feeling like is he -- he is playing a bit of an away game. but mitt romney says he is confident he will pick up some delegates in tuesday's primaries. and today in mississippi he focused on the opponent he hopes to face in november. >> by the way, we have gone to yes we can to it's not my fault. notice that new campaign slogan. he is out of ideas. he is out of excuses. and in 2012, we're going to make sure he is out of office. >> shepard: a new poll shows mitt romney ahead by a points in the state of alabama. still a statistical tie with newt gingrich who used to live next door in georgia. rick santorum right behind him and look at all those undecided voters. there is the story. 20% say they haven't made up their minds. survey taken before and after super tuesday. it's the top story at the bottom of the hour. shannon bream is on it live from washington. newt gingrich has been promising a southern surge. what's the thinking about whether he can deliver a southern surge? >> shepard, is he sounding confide
"special report" online starts in a few seconds. you will hear from our winner tonight. an romney. captions by closed captioning services this is the fox record. tonight, there is trouble with the tim tebow trade. seems the jets move is not a done deal. a major rally here in new york city for a watchman in central florida. breaking news now as fox reports tonight. explosion at the standoff in france involuming a suspected serial killer prosecutors say the suspect was planning to attack again. >> he already had a soldier picked out that he wanted to kill now, new details about his possible ties to al qaeda. a warning about iran teaming with terrorists here in the united states. >> can iran hit us here at home? you bet they can. >> tonight, experts tell us what might trigger an attack plus there is word an aspirin a day can keep cancer away. some doctors warn there is a catch. i love my sister this much have. >> shepard: thee does. we will show you how this 4-year-old saved her little sister's life. thanks, froggy. we begin tonight with serious breaking news. we have been watching a
and alabama tomorrow. mitt romney has said the south is an away game for him. and it certainly is. but he is hanging in there in the latest polls. no question. romney leads newt gingrich by two points in mississippi according to a survey. statistical tie. newt gingrich has a three point lead over romney in alabama. but that's a virtual dead heat as well. even closer in the real clear average. look at that gingrich and romney less than a point apart. general -- john roberts. >> mitt romney made a bold production today he is going to win alabama and mississippi tomorrow. when you look at those poll numbers he just might do it. on the campaign trail with comedian jeff foxworthy today he took aim at president obama with a nod toward foxworthy's program are you smarter than a fifth grader? >> i know he is smarter than a fifth grader. i sometimes wonder why he does the things he does because they're not good for america if they are not creating jobs and raising income and getting us gasoline that we can afford. >> for his part, rick santorum is trying to build over the success he had over the w
paul focusing on this weekend's caucuses in missouri. mitt romney is taking another day off from the campaign trail and rick santorum is in puerto rico. where is he doing some damage control. more on that in a moment. first, let's get to mike emanuel in washington. mike, newt gingrich got to win m b p mississippi, got to win alabama. getting out of the race. not getting out of race. is he taking a swipe at santorum, too. >> that's right. both gingrich and santorum serving in congress. while both may consider themselves conservatives. question credentials as fiscal conservative. this is a major reason that i'm still in this race because the truth is while i was speaker we balanced the budget for four years and while santorum was in leadership they borrowed a trillion 700 billion. there is a big difference between real fiscal conservative and politics as usual. >> that comment was in illinois and chicago tribune poll gingrich is 19 points behind second place rick santorum in illinois. >> shepard: i mentioned rick santorum in puerto rico trying to clarify something as he said yester
Search Results 0 to 45 of about 46 (some duplicates have been removed)